AWS Course

Cispro training institute provides AWS course is to transform you, the Administrator from Present Conventional and Traditional technology management to TODAY'S Dynamic and Future Digital Age technology management. This course is framed to equip you, the Training Participant with fast growing IaaS technology by Amazon.

This course enables you with concepts, implementing, administering, and managing AWS components and optimal utilization of resources, cost effectively. This course helps in Transforming you to Cloud Computing in managing the technology environment in today's extensive data generation and usage world.

AWS: The Leading Cloud Platform for Modern Businesses

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud-based platform that provides a wide range of IT infrastructure services such as computing power, storage, and databases to businesses, individuals, and government organizations. With over 175 fully-featured services, AWS is the leading cloud platform for modern businesses.

Why Choose AWS?

AWS offers a variety of benefits that make it the preferred choice for many businesses, including:
  • Cost-Effective: AWS offers flexible pricing options that allow businesses to only pay for what they use, helping them save costs on IT infrastructure.
  • Scalable: AWS services are highly scalable, meaning businesses can easily expand or shrink their IT infrastructure to meet their changing needs.
  • Secure: AWS provides a range of security features such as encryption, identity and access management, and compliance certifications that help keep data and applications secure.
  • Reliable: AWS services are designed for high availability and offer automatic backups and disaster recovery options.
  • Easy to Use: AWS provides an intuitive console and user-friendly APIs that make it easy for businesses to manage their IT infrastructure.

What Services Does AWS Offer?

AWS offers a wide range of services, including:
  • Compute: EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) provides scalable computing capacity in the cloud.
  • Storage: S3 (Simple Storage Service) provides scalable object storage for data backups, archiving, and analytics.
  • Databases: RDS (Relational Database Service) provides managed database services for popular databases such as MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server.
  • Networking: VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) provides a virtual network for businesses to securely connect their AWS resources to their on-premises infrastructure.
  • Analytics: Redshift provides data warehousing and analytics services for big data.
  • Security: AWS offers a range of security services, including IAM (Identity and Access Management) and GuardDuty for threat detection.
  • Internet of Things: AWS provides IoT services such as IoT Core, which allows businesses to connect and manage IoT devices at scale.

How Can AWS Benefit Your Business?

By using AWS, businesses can:
  • Reduce IT infrastructure costs by only paying for the services they use.
  • Scale their IT infrastructure to meet their changing business needs.
  • Ensure the security and compliance of their applications and data.
  • Increase reliability and reduce downtime with automatic backups and disaster recovery options.
  • Improve productivity by using user-friendly tools and APIs.

Get Started with AWS Today

AWS offers a free tier that allows businesses to try out some of its services for free. Additionally, AWS provides extensive documentation and support to help businesses get started and optimize their IT infrastructure on the platform. If you're looking to take your business to the cloud and modernize your IT infrastructure, AWS is the perfect choice. Sign up for AWS today and experience the benefits of the leading cloud platform for modern businesses.
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • AWS Account and Architecture
  • EC2 Security and Networking
  • AWS VPC – Virtual Private Cloud
  • AWSCLI – Interacting and Working
  • What is S3?
  • IAM - Identity and Access Management
  • EC2 Administration
  • S3 Advanced Administration
  • Highly Available and Fault Tolerance Configuration
  • CloudWatch and Auto Scaling
  • RDS – Relational Database Service
  • Replication
  • Migration
  • Overview of Key Services

Duration: 60 Hrs

Weekdays : Monday – Saturday (10.00 AM - 7.00 PM)
Weekends : Sunday (10.00 AM - 1.30 PM)

  • AWS Solution Architect
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud System Engineer
  • Cloud Architect